Few days back, PwnDevTeam released Ac1dSn0w beta 1 which was later declared illegal due to presence of copyrighted content in its programming code. Analysts criticized it a lot, but we were hopeful about a clean version of Ac1dSn0w in its next beta release and here we have Ac1dSn0w beta 2. The major update in the 2nd beta version of Ac1dSn0w is the removal of copyrighted content from its code. Moreover, the black screen issue also has been fixed and boot logo has been removed in Acidsn0w beta 2. A member from this Dev team named as imrel0ad has confirmed about the fix of legal issues.

AcidSn0w beta 2

Ac1dSn0w Beta 2 Released, Resolves Copyright Issues

While announcing Ac1dSn0w, PwnDev team announced about a unique feature of Remote Jailbreak due to which it got instant popularity, but it is not added in Beta 2 version. Developers confirmed that they are working on it and this most awaiting feature will be definitely available in the final version. There is no ETA of the final version, but considering the hardwork of PwnDevTeam, we can expect it in few weeks.

You can easily tethered jailbreak your idevices running iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1 with AcdSn0w. iPhone 4S and iPad 2 are not in the list of supported devices.

Method of jailbreaking the idevices using Ac1dSn0w is same as we posted for Ac1dsn0w beta 1. You can follow that method just by replacing the Ac1dSn0w beta 1 with Ac1dSn0w beta 2.

The best part of Ac1dSn0w is that you don’t need to download any tool separately. It has everything you will need during the process like Tethered Boot, Pwned DFU mode, and Exit Recovery.

What are you expecting in the  next beta version of Ac1dsn0w? Share your ideas in the comments section. We will keep an eye on all the future updates of Ac1dSn0w and will update our blog as soon any updates come up. Join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay along with our updates.