Having doubts is just normal. Anyone could have doubts on specific topics.
Like that, if you have any doubts on how to add videos to iPad, then here is a guide to clear your doubts about adding videos to iPad. Doing the below instructions could help you add videos to your iPad. Doing this will help you especially if you are going for a trip and you could watch the videos on your iPad during the journey.

1. All the video files are not compatible to be used in iPad. So you could convert videos to be used in iPad and then proceed.

2. Connect the iPad to your PC.

3. Select iPad from ” Devices ” in the left sidebar.

4. Select the ” Movies ” tab.

5. Now select the videos you want to add to your iPad.

NOTE: If you have converted the video for iPad you must add them also to iTunes and then select them.

6. Click on ” Apply ” to finish the process.

Now iTunes will start adding the videos to your iPad. After the sync finishes, you could watch them on your iPad.

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