Lookout Mobile Security has just raised a fresh threat for all devices running on Android platform. The Mobile Security farm named this Trojan program as “Geinimi” and confirmed that the malware was cropped up in china and is capable of taking a significant amount of personal data and sending it to remote servers.

“Geinimi is effectively being ‘grafted’ onto repackaged versions of legitimate applications, primarily games, and distributed in third-party Chinese Android app markets,” Lookout said on Wednesday. “The affected applications request extensive permissions over and above the set that is requested by their legitimate original versions.”

Geinimi Trojan on Android DetectedLookout also said that Geinimi displays botnet like qualities and is the most sophisticated wireless malware it has seen, and it is not entirely sure what this Trojan is capable of once if it finds a way.

But, possibilities are their like, it will be able to create “a malicious ad-network to an attempt to create an Android botnet”. They collect a device’s unique identifiers such as IMEI and IMSI and after every five minutes it will attempt to connect to one of the domains to which it has been made to direct, and if the connection is successful, then it transmits the information’s.