From a long time we are listening about Windows 8 and each time when this Microsoft product comes into the spot light, it brings some news with it. This time Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Widows 8 will have a dedicated App store. The dedicated App store designing concept is totally inspired by that of Apple’s iTunes, Google’s Android Market and Microsoft’s own Zune Market place for Windows Phone, giving access to third party software for Windows 8.


Windows 8 Will Have Dedicated App Store, Said Microsoft


The man responsible for developing Windows 8, Sinofsky told that the Windows 8 development team has been divided into many teams, and one of the team is currently working on the App Store, he said on Windows 8 development blog, entitled ‘ Building Windows 8 ‘. Sinofsky also told that when we started building Windows 8, we had a clear sense of the direction we are heading and so we built a team structure to support that direction.

In the upcoming month we have, the Microsoft’s developer oriented BUILD conference which will take place from 13th-16th, there we can expect Microsoft will reveal some more information about Windows 8.

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