From very rumors, we came to know that Apple is working to bring low cost iPhone in the market. Apple named this device as iPhone mini and this phone is not going to have a home button. Fresh report suggest that Apple is working not on one but on two iPhone models i.e. a cheaper, smaller and the other will be the dual mode model(GSM+CDMA). Apple has shown the prototype of its iPhone mini to only few peoples.

Apple iPhone Mini

Yesterday, we reported that, the collaboration between Nokia and Microsoft will going to bring the Smartphone market more competitive and also Google’s Android has almost covered the mid-range mobile phone market.

Therefore, Apple has decided to bring this iPhone mini, to give tough competition to its rivals. When this phone will be officially launched, it will cover those markets were the iPhone 4 pricing is way beyond the budgets of an average people.

Apart from this, the dual mode phone will work on both CDMA and GSM network across the globe and Apple also said, to be working on USIM(Universal SIM) that will save the user from the headache of using different SIMs and thus it will also reduce the production of millions of SIM cards.

We are waiting, keeping our fingers crossed to see what and when this will be going to happen. Stay Tuned to Tips Needed for updates.