Samsung Galaxy Tab is a very good device for watching videos, films: it comes with a 7-inch high-resolution display, which makes watching videos most enjoyable. But, what is the best way to convert these films so there is a right balance between the file-size and quality.

A member from xda developers has come up with a great idea that will help you to resize the film-size without compromising the quality.

Therefore, for a video less than 1GB of size, converting them does not make any difference, as on a screen with that size, it does not make any difference. So, for a file size greater than 1GB can be converted to  ~500MB, as watching a ~700MB file on a 15’inch computer does not makes any difference.Converting Films for Galaxy Tab
Here are the steps that will explain how to convert a file:

  • Take a film, that is to be converted
  • Download Handbrake.
  • Load up handbrake
  • Select location of source and destination files
  • Ensure, the preset is set to ‘Normal’
  • On the picture tab make sure ”Anamorphic” is set to “None”
  • Ensure “Keep aspect ratio” is ticked
  • Set height of the output to a max it’ll allow
  • Switch to the “Video” tab
  • Ensure “Constant Quality” is used, and set the RF value to ~27; larger number manes lower quality
  • Switch to the “Audio” tab
  • Change the mixdown to stereo and the sampling rate to 48
  • Hit “Start”

It will take, at least the length of the film playback time to complete the process. when playing on Galaxy Tab, hit tap the screen, and tap the zoom setting button once, this will correct the aspect ratio.

Via[Xda Developers]