Creating playlists helps you to group your favorite songs/videos so that you could listen to the music or view the video without needing to locate and open the next one you need. So, if you have an iPad and want to create a playlist of your songs, then here is how to do it. Just follow the below steps to do create playlists on iPad.

1. Open up the ” iPod ” app.

2. Now tap on the ” + ” sign at the bottom left of the screen.

3. Now name the playlist and tap on ” Save “.

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4. Now add your favorite songs to the playlist by using the blue colored ” + ” button. You could also make use of the ” Sources ” option on the top left.

5. When you finish adding your songs, tap on ” Done “.

Now the playlist is created on your iPad. If you want to change the order of the songs, just slide them over the others. If you want to edit the playlist, open the playlist and tap on the ” Edit ” button on the top right.

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