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    • want to delete youtube,myspace and facebook. This method wo’t work for them.

    • You shouldn’t delete myspace facebook etc because they are a part of motoblur. Technically you shouldn’t delete anything on the x because you will need most of the built in stuff to update android later. You can safely rename many of these files from .apk to .bak and rename them back to .apk later when its update time though, but you must be rooted and have a root file browser such as rootexplorer. Here is a guide to one click rooting the x on 2.2. . Amazon3_1.blahblah, blockbuster, cardock, cityid, music,mynet,redding_7658 (kindle), skype_mobile, whatever visual voicemail is (I forget bc I use vvm while most people opt for free google voice)

    • Woops. accidently cut out some of what I meant to say. beofore I listed all those files I meant to add that these are some apps you may want to consider renaming. they are located in the system/app/ directory. So get to rooting, get a file browser, and give it a shot!

    • I guess I should also add the amazon one is the amazon mp3 serviec and mynet is the 3gmobile hotspot.

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