Earlier today, PosixNinja announced on Twitter that he will update the GreenPois0n blog today with a new blog post to tell each and everything about the untethered jailbreaking of iOS 5. Approximately after six hours of that announcement, he has published a blog post with an attractive title of “Weapons of Mass Exploitation“. We were expecting a good news regarding the iOS 5 untethered jailbreaking, but unfortunately dev team could not announce a good news. As we predicted in the last blog post, the dev team might share the reason which cause this much delay and they did the same. PosixNinja wrote a detailed blog post which includes apology, Apple’s method of finding exploits, solution of problem and appeal for help. Let’s have a look at each section in detail.

C-Dev Reporter

While writing about the userland exploits about which he announced in MyGreatFest, Posixninja admits that it was a premature announcement because in beta and final version of iOS 5, Apple fixed most of those exploits. Consequently, dev team failed to release untethered tools earlier.

Now chronic dev team has decided to share all the experience and info they have related to untethered jailbreak of iOS  5 with general public to make the process faster.

According to Posixninja, another reason of this delay is that userland jailbreak exploits works after crashing some particular services and Apple programmed iOS 5 in such a way that as soon as any service will be crashed, a crash report will be generated and send to the company. Dev team solved this issue to some extent by modifying the iTunes settings to stop sending the reports back to Apple.

As a solution of all these problems, chronic dev team has released a new tool which will modify the iTunes settings in your computer to stop sending the crash reports to Apple. As an alternative, iTunes will start sending all the reports to a secure and private server hosted by chronic dev team which will be used to make an untethered jailbreaking tool sooner.

Download Section:

  • Download C-Dev Crash Reporter for Mac
  • Download C-Dev Crash Reporter for Windows

What are your expectaions of the ETA of untethered jailbreaking tool? You can share your openion in the comment section below. Keep visiting Tips Needed for latest jailbreaking and unlocking news and guides.