Cleaning desktop items by selecting each files or folders, seems to be a tedious task and doing the same thing daily will become boring or time consuming for sure. So, to solve this problem by clearing all files in a click, here comes Desktoday, which is designed for Mac OS X.

Desktop app is Mac OS X based utility that works similar to that of CCleaner, a system optimization tool that runs on Windows. It quickly clears clustered desktop by removing and putting them in a special folder mentioned by today’s date.


Download Desktoday - CCleaner for Mac OS X


The utility can be easily accessed anytime via an icon which is placed in the system’s menu bar.

Here is how it works:-

  • Start the application
  • Choose the location to store Desktoday folder (by default it goes to default folder, but it can be changed).
  • To clear files or folder, run the app and select clear desktop.
  • All files or folder will be removed and placed in that special folder sorted by date.

P.S:- Desktoday app organizes items by the date and not by the date that it was created.

Download Desktoday app for free from this link.