A few days ago, Mozilla came up with the release of Firefox 5 Final Beta version, and we reported it. But it s very suprising to see that Mozilla had come up with the Final version of Firefox 5, even before the scheduled date of  it ‘s release. The final version was scheduled for June 21.

Firefox 5 Final

Firefox 5 is available for all platforms at Firefox 5 FTP channel. You can get Firefox 5 from here. But it is sad to see that Channel switcher is being removed from the final version. Channel switcher was brought up recently, and now it is gone. Channel switcher enables users  to run multiple instances of  Firefox releases. The most notable change introduced in Firefox 5 is the use of DNT header, user tracking opt-outs and location tracking opt-outs. The final version is also accompanied with improved CSS animations and with the introduction of  better add-ons.

Download Firefox 5 for Windows

Download Firefox 5 for Linux

Download Firefox 5 for Mac

The first Beta version of Firefox 6 can be expected to be released anytime soon.

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