The Mozilla Development team pushed out Firefox 6 Beta version, soon after the release of Firefox 5 final version, which was not able to conquer the users’s demand to a great extent. This beta version is brought out with few new changes, accompanied with the features of Firefox 5. It is also facilitated with the Permissions Manager, which allows you to set permissions regarding cookies, passwords, pop-up windows, offline storage and your location for individual websites you’ve previously visited and more.

Download Firefox 6 Beta

It is also enhanced with few visual changes, that it now highlights the domain name of the website you are visiting. It also becomes more user friendly by the introduction of Scratchpad and the support for the latest draft version of WebSockets with a prefixed API and support for EventSource. It is also provided with Improved usability of the Web Console and better startup time. A new Web Developer menu item is also included in this version.

Get Firefox 6 Beta version from here

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