If you have tried to install Windows 8 using virtual box and failed or just want to give a try with the all new Windows 8 without making any clean installation, then here is an easier way to do that. The user requires a virtual tool like Daemon tools, Magic ISO or Virtual CD, Windows 8 setup file i.e. ISO image and 16GB for 32bit or 20GB HD space.

How To Install And Dual Boot Windows 8 With Windows 7

Getting started with Dual Booting Option:

Here I am using Magic ISO tool for installation. But before beginning with this, first of all create a HD space according to the Operating System bit chosen by you i.e. 16 or 20GB. To do this browse to My Computer-> Manage-> Disk Management.

Now create a new drive with HD space 16 GB or 20GB by using simple volume wizard.

Run Windows 8 With Windows 7

Format the drive with NTFS as file system selected.

How To Install And Run Windows 8 With Windows 7


Now navigate your virtual tool to the mount volume option.

Mount Windows 8 and when the Autoplay option comes up then simply close it and navigate to DVD’s setup.exe file. Why this Autoplay option is needed to be closed is because Windows 8 is successor of Windows 7 and it requires a clean installation but we are performing dual boot option so we need to close it.

How To Install And Run Windows 8 With Windows 7


Now run setup.exe and when asks for where you want to install Windows 8, then just select that drive which you  have created earlier.

How To Install And Run Windows 8 With Windows 7


After few minutes Windows 8 will be installed on your system and you can dual boot your device by selecting Windows 8 Developer Preview or Windows 7.

Dual Boot Windows 8 With Windows 7


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