The Game Center, one of the newest feature of the latest generation Apple devices is coming to Apple iPhone 3G as soon as iOS 4.1Game Center for iPhone 3G jailbreak is released for the device. It was confirmed by MuscleNerd, the iPhone hacker from the iPhone Dev team. It was said loud and clear by MuscleNerd.

Game Center for iPhone 3G

Here is what haPpy hArY asked MuscleNerd:

@chpwn @comex @MuscleNerd @pod2g @p0sixninja @iH8sn0w . . “will gamecenter for iphone 3g be available through jailbreak..???”

The reply was:

@happy_hary yep

You don’t have to worry because pod2g is working hard to jailbreak the new iOS 4.1. Also, the GreenPois0n is in its way to jailbreak iOS 4.1. We will update you with whatever information we get! Until then stay tuned to