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    • Does this work for the 3G?

    • is it also for unlocking iphone 4 iOS 4.1 with baseband 2.10.04?

    • Will it work for iPod touch 2g or 3g 8gb?

    • Hey! :( this works for an ipod touch 2 G MB ???

    • does this work for the 3gs?

    • Works on ipod touch 2nd gen?

    • it dose not work on the ipod touch 2g.
      but work with red snow.

    • No Ryan. GreenPois0n has been now updated to support iPod Touch 2G.

    • Tested in iPod Touch 2G (MC) and successfully Jailbreak!

    • Does not work on iPod Touch 2g . I’ve tried the latest version and the old version. I’ve tried nearly all the tools and nothing works. I find a lot of information like this page repeated all over the web, which means A) these people don’t test it first, they just repeat posts.. or B) they are operatives working for Apple. All said , this still does NOT WORK for iPod Touch 2g.. DOES NOT WORK!

    • I’m confused. I ran the program. said complete. then my ipod (2nd gen, mc model) showed apple logo, then showed code as it booted – which I have never seen – then loaded home screen. nothing changed. all of my data is still there as well

    • same happened to me. i ran the program, it said complete. it showed the apple logo, DIDNT SHOW THE CODE, then my files were still there. help

    • This works for Ipod Touch 2nd gen MC model

      once u follow the instructions properly where it says “waiting for DFU” it will say jail break

      You will then have a loader app on ur itouch use that to install cydia

    • omg finally a product that worked like a charm ive been trying to jailbreak my lil bros ipod 2g mc model for 2 weeks now and finally a ton of gratitude goes to the greenp0ison dev team for this now to figure out how i put all the apps i got for him onto it lol!!! just look on the last available screen u should see the app loader which allows u to install cydia

    • hey man , im not work for apple, its really works on ipod touch 2g, MC with 4.1. Loader is here! and cydia too! now im going to sleep.

    • I sucessfully jailbreak my iPod Touch 2G EMC 2341 with iOS 4.1

    • It works for ipod 2g mc version.Really easy.Recommended

    • tested on my 2g 8gb mc model and it worked great!

    • Thank YOU very much!!!….Atlast it worked, thanks guys for your effort and help GreenPois0n!!!

    • This worked for my Ipod 3G, but not my friend’s Ipod 2G MC. Whats wrong?

    • I made it to the first three steps and now my ipod wont turn on!

    • i had followd the above steps. jailbreak had been done.. but i am getting no other loader only 1 gamecentre has been extra provided.. please help

    • I did it but when the code what on their I saw alot warning codes and when I got to the loader it installed cydia but when I tried to install something my iPod crashed I have a iPod touch 2g 4.1 mc model can somebody please tell me what went wrong

    • i have downloaded jailbreeak, but now what?
      I gert a selection of “groups” how can i just find a list of apps?

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