On March 9th, when Gmail user opens their Gmail account some of them found Inbox empty, this created a panic situation among Gmail users. Although Google restored those lost emails from there backup tapes later on. The backup process was really a time consuming and tedious task for Company like Google, as to maintain this type of backup for 150 million users worldwide is not always feasible and it doesn’t guarantee to an individual that these type of things will not happen in future.

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After that incident I decided to backup my emails to my computer locally, as it insure me that I never lost any important emails in any situation. So, here I am going to share how to backup Gmail account locally:

Steps to be followed are:

1)      Download Gmail Backup software, it is a freeware software which stores your email in            an encrypted form which is not easily visible to a person.

2)      Install the software.

3)      Run Gmail Backup.


How to Backup Gmail Account


4)      Enter your Email id, Password.

5)      Select location to store/backup your emails.

6)     Select the date range for which you want to create the backup/ otherwise select newest         emails only.

7)      Hit backup button.

How to Backup Gmail Account


8)      Gmail Backup will start downloading your emails and stores it to your preferred location.

How to Backup Gmail Account Locally


9)      To restore the backup from your computer to Gmail, repeat step 1-7 and hit restore                 button, it will restore your emails back to your Gmail account.

These are the simple steps to backup your Gmail account locally, for more such tips and tricks stay tuned to Tipsneeded.