How to Block Images In ChromeImages take a lot of time to load and thus slow down the browsing speed. If you want to block these images and speed up your Chrome browser, then here is how to block images in Chrome. It doesn’t require any addon or extension, there is an option within Google Chrome to block images. Just follow the simple steps given below to block images in Google Chrome.

1. Open Google Chrome browser.

2. Select ” Options ” from the tools option on the top right of Google Chrome.

3. Click on ” Content Settings ” button under the ” Under the Hood ” tab.

4. Now under the ” Images ” tab, select the ” Do not show any images ” option to block images in Chrome.

NOTE: You could allow images to load only in certain websites by clicking the ” Exceptions ” button and then adding the website you want.

That’s all! Now all the images will be blocked in Chrome.

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