We use social media or different chat applications today to chat with our friends, co-workers, clients etc which provides a good way to communicate and thus helps us in exchanging information.  But what if when you want to exchange very important information like password or project details and want to make sure that it is private.

To solve this problem, here comes an application called “PrivyTalks”. It is an application which is designed in such a way that it provides more secure channel for communication. The PrivyTalks is encrypted by 256bit encryption and the encryption and decryption is done with RSA (Rivest, Shamir and Adleman) Algorithm. Thus it makes impossible to easily track the data that is flowing in between the channel.

Getting Started with PrivyTalks:

How To Chat Securely Online
  •  Click on Create Room
  • Now copy the link from the chat box which says:

Waiting for partner. Send this link: https://privytalks.com/93923. You will be notified when your partner is connected. After that you can chat safely.


Chatting Securely Online
  • Now after exchanging the link and generating RSA key, the chat room connection is established and you can start talking to your friend without worrying about any kind of data theft.
Chatting Securely Online

Using this application, you find no worries as it is very easy to use, but if in case you face any problem then do let us know.

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