No one likes the colorless user interface of new iTunes 10 ! Apple have made the icons in the iTunes 10’s sidebar colorless with theirHow To Get Colored Sidebar Icons in iTunes 10 new release. There is a tweak (by Drien) to bring back the colored icons from the old version (9.2). This is how you can get colored icons in iTunes 10 again:

How To Get Colored Sidebar Icons in iTunes 10

  1. First download
  1. Go to the “Applications” folder and right click and select ” Show Package Contents ” on iTunes to show ” Contents ” folder.
  1. Make a backup of the file ” iTunes.rsrc ” before replacing it. You can do it by copying this file to your desktop.
  2. Extract the and copy the ” iTunes.rsrc ” file from it
  3. Paste and replace it in /Applications/

You are done! Enjoy the colorful iTunes 10!

Note: If any error occurs or if iTunes did not start, Copy the backup you just made to the same destination