Do you think your iPad processor is slow? Then you could speed it up by overclocking your iPad just like doing it in an iPhone or iPod Touch. For overclocking your iPad, you just have to rename a processor speed monitoring file. Here is how to do it. Just follow the steps given below or watch the video below to overclock your iPad. You could also read this guide to speed up your iPad.

NOTE: You should perform the overclocking of iPad at your own risk. This is for testing purposes and so we are not responsible for any problems your iPad faces after the overclocking.

1. Jailbreak your iPad if it isn’t jailbroken. After the jailbreak, you’ll get access to the Cydia.

2. Now using Cydia, install the iFile app in your iPad. It is a free app.

3. Launch the iFile app.

4. Now browse to ” System/Library/System Configuration/PowerManagement.bundle/ “Â directory.

5. Now rename the ” file to “Â SystemPowerProfileDefaultBACKUP.plist “.

6. Once done click on Done.

7. Now reboot your iPad.

That’s all! Now your iPad will be overclocked and will be faster than before.

Watch the video below to make it more clear.

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