Eset Nod32 is one of the best antivirus softwares available today. It has a very high potential to detect malware and remove it from our computer.How to Scan with Nod32 It also features automatic updates function. If you have an internet connection, you could update Nod32 automatically.

There are many newbies using Nod32 who may not be aware of how to scan the PC using it. So this brief guide if for those who are having doubts on how to scan the PC with Nod32 antivirus software. Just do the following to scan your PC for malwares using Nod32.

1. Install Nod32 in your system. You could get the icon of Nod32 in the system tray.

2. Right-click on that icon and choose ” Computer Scan “.

3. Along with Nod32 antivirus window, another window named ” Custom scan ” opens up. If it doesn’t open up, click on the ” Custom scan ” option under Computer scan options.

4. Select ” Setup ” and select the scanning options according to your needs.

5. Now select the drives and folders you want to scan.

6. Click on scan and the scanning starts.

That’s all! Newbies to Nod32 could get used to it after using it for while.