Apple have released the iTunes 10 which has brought along with a new special feature called Ping. “ It’s a social network all about music.How To Set Up Ping Account In iTunes It’s like Twitter and Facebook meet iTunes “, said Steve Jobs. This new feature combines the elements of the renowned social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to create a new experience. You could follow artists, “like” their albums or follow your friends and know what they are listening to, downloading or talking about with the new iTunes Ping feature.

The following steps will show you how to set up a Ping account:

1. Ping is available only in iTunes 10 or later. If you don’t have it, you can download it from here.
2. Open iTunes after installing and click on the Ping icon in the sidebar as shown below.

How To Set Up Ping Account In iTunes 10
3. The next window will show the Ping logo. Click on the option to turn Ping on.

How To Set Up Ping Account In iTunes 10
4. The next window is where you should fill up your basic information.
5. Now Ping will ask you what kind of music you like and how to display it in your profile.

How To Set Up Ping Account In iTunes 10
6. You are almost done! In the next step, Ping will ask you about your privacy settings. Select the option which suits you the most!

How To Set Up Ping Account In iTunes 10
7. Now you get the welcome screen. Ping will show you some recommendations. Select the artist you like the most and you can find out what he likes the most and what he is up to.

Creating Ping account is as simple as signing up in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. If you are still facing problems, please leave a comment and we at will be looking into it as soon as possible.