When you are using both Windows 7 and Windows 8 (in dual boot mode) on the same PC, you may be need to use the data that is stored on Windows 7 on Windows 8. In other words the user data that was stored on the drive where you have installed the Windows 7 can now be made accessible by just making a small change to a folder path. After doing this, the user can access all those files, data that is stored on Windows 7 user accounts.

Share files between windows 8 and 7

Getting started:

  • First navigate to the path/drive where you have installed Windows 8.
  • Now navigate to C:\Users\abhishukla10\<folder name> [this is the path in my case].
  • After selecting the folder name; suppose My documents, then right click on it and browse to Location.
  • Now here hit Move button and set your Windows 7 username.
  • Repeat this step for all the folders like My music, My Videos, My Pictures etc to set the path.
  • All done! In no time all the data, files will now start to show up on your Windows 8 default user account.

This small tweak will not only save time but it also save space that is needed to create a new user account data backup on a whole because it will create the same files, data into Windows 8 OS.

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