Is your slow internet connection or any other factor making your Gmail account load slow? Here are some tips to squeeze the last drop of juice from your google mail client and make it fast again! Follow the instructions given below to speed up gmail and make it faster than before.

How to Speed Up Gmail

How to Speed Up Gmail

1. Add “?nocheckbrowser argument”

Add the“?nocheckbrowser argument” to the URL. Try it using the below URL: . It can help significantly to reduce the Gmail load time

2. Turn off Chat in Gmail

Most of us do not use chat in Gmail nowadays. Its better to use Google Talk application to chat with our Gmail friends. Turning off the chat feature in Gmail can add a great deal of speed to Gmail. Turn off the chat by scrolling down to the very bottom of gmail after you log in and click the standard view without chat link to turn it off.

3. Reduce the number of “Gmail Labs” Settings

Reduce the number of  “Gmail Labs” Settings. Some Labs features are useless and can slow down your gmail load time. Testing the speed by enabling each Lab feature can help you find the one that makes your Gmail slow and disable it.

4. Use HTML Mode

Switch to HTML mode. HTML mode sacrifices most of the features and sacrifice of the AJAX-driven features of Gmail but if you have a slow internet connection, HTML mode is the real time-saver!

5. Try reducing the number of Browser plugins

Also reduce the number of browser extensions or plugins. More the plugins, more the memory consumed. See if Gmail works faster by disabling all your browser extensions.

6. Delete unwanted mails

Delete unwanted mails and spams. If your inbox is filled with excess mails, Gmail will take extra time to load.

7. Use mobile mode in Gmail

Intended for mobile phones, mobile mode works faster and can be accessed from a standard web browser. It is more faster and more simple to use.

8. Clear your browser’s cache

Clean your cache and start browsing with a clean one. It might help you! Most browsers have this in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu.

9. Reduce the number of mails shown on each page

Decrease the number of conversations shown on each page by changing the maximum page size option to 25? under General settings.

Post your suggestions as a comment and we will be looking into it.

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