There might be many updates available for certain iPad apps in the future after you buy them from the app store. The updates mainly contain bug fixes, updated features etc. So there is no wrong in updating your iPad apps. Here is how to update iPad apps. Just do the below things.

1. When you turn on the iPad, you could notice a number in a red circle on the top right of the App Store icon.

NOTE: The number is shown to notify that there that many number of app updates. But if there are no updates, no number will be shown.

How to Update iPad Apps

2. Tap on the App Store icon if there are any updates.

3. Now tap on Updates at the bottom.

4. Now the list of apps having updates will be shown.

5. Tap on the Update All button on the top right to update all the iPad apps in the list. Or tap on the ” FREE “ button under the required apps to update individually.

6. If you are asked to login to your iTunes account, do it and you’ll get the permission to download the updates.

That’s all!