The new version of Windows phone, Tango that comes in between the Mango and Apollo has been spotted. Again this time the place from where it has been surfaced is no other than Slovakia. Slovakia is the same place from where the previous Content Search information was leaked.

HTC HD7 With Windows Phone Tango Build 8200 Surfaces

This time, the HTC HD7 was spotted running a Windows Phone 7.5 Build 8200 and also images from a computer forum’s Facebook page was found advertising a HTC HD7 allegedly for sale and that to with three different software choices:

  • 7.0.7392
  • 7.10.7720(Mango)
  • 7.10.8200(Tango)

However, later on that page was taken down. HTC HD7 will become the first device on the planet, Earth that will run on WP7 Tango after its release, but how long will it take Tango to release officially? We cannot say anything correctly on that.

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Via TechCrunch