With the Plex client successfully ported to the Apple TV, you will be able to access 100+Â popular online videos and images via the Plex Media Server. All you have to do is to jailbreak your Apple TV 2g and install Plex. You can instantly view all contents from the plex server streaming directly to your Apple TV! How to jailbreak Apple TV running on iOS 4.1 is given here.

Instructions for installing Plex on the Apple TV as listed in the Plex forums:

Prepare the Media ServerÂ
Before you install the actual plugin you need to prepare the Plex Media Server (it needed some tweaks before it would talk to the ATV). Since those changes are considered ‘beta’, you need to tell your PMS to download beta plug-ins, by enetering the following URL in a Safari running on the same machine as the media server: http://localhost:324…s/set?AS_BETA=1
After that start Plex and check for updates in the PlexOnline section.

Enable a higher Quality (optional)Â
This part is optional, but if you feel like experimenting a lot, you might want to install a testing built of ffmpeg, that enables higher bitrates for the (currently) highest available quality (which is the only quality your ATV will use). This will also increase the image quality on other iOS devices, however you will need a potent Mac for the encoding! So If you still feel like installing use the following two commands in a Terminal on the Mac running your Media Server:

curl http://ambertation.de/downloads/PLEX/ffmpeg > ~/DownloadsÂ
cp ~/Downloads/ffmpeg ~/Library/Application\ Support/Plex/PlexÂ
\ Media\ Server.app/Contents/Resources/

If you not use this, the plugin will still work, but the image-quality might not be on par with what you expect.

Install the PluginÂ
First off: you need to Jailbreak your Apple TV. I suggest you use the Pawnage method. For the sake of the following instruction I assume thet the IP-Address of your ATV is, and that you can log in using ssh.

  • Start your ATV and log in to your ATV using ssh

    ssh root@

    It will ask you for your password, which (if you did not change the default) is alpine. (I strongly suggest you change the password using the passwd command!!!)

  • In that ssh session, you need to add new cydia sources using

    echo “deb http://apt.awkwardtv.org ./” > /etc/aptÂ
    echo “deb http://www.ambertation.de ./downloadsÂ
    /PLEX/” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/plex.list

  • Now update your cydia database using

    apt-get update

  • Install the plugins (and its dependencies like beigelist by DHowett) with

    apt-get install plex-client-plugin

  • Restart the GUI and hope that it comes back

    killall Lowtide

    If the UI does not come up again, you probably have to restore your ATV!

That is it. You should see the PLEX menu item now. If you experience any problems (which you almost certainly will :) ) just report back here. But remember the ATV is just a hobby :D

Updating the PluginÂ
Once in a while I might release an updated version for the plugin, so once in a while you might want to check for updates and install them. Here is how that will work:

  • Start your ATV and log in to your ATV using ssh

    ssh root@

  • In that ssh session enter

    apt-get updateÂ
    apt-get upgrade

Here is a video showing Plex on the Apple TV:

Apple TV Jailbreaking Video