It’s still a couple of days before Apple roll out iOS 4.1. The new iOS 4.1 will patch the usual jailbreaking methods applied in theiOS 4.1 Jailbreak In Progress tools like redsnow 0.9.5 and JailbreakMe. Userland exploits including JailbreakMe were already patched in iOS 4.0.2. Dev Team’s MuscleNerd has said it loud and clear that they are working on iOS 4.1 jailbreak currently.

iOS 4.1 Jailbreak In Progress

It is definitely clear that they will take some time to find a loophole to jailbreak the new iOS 4.1. MuscleNerd has said that they will give for the  userland jailbreak method first. The iOS 4.1 will be released on the 8th of September this year and lets hope that do it as soon as possible.