Here is another rumour about the release date of the much awaited Apple iPad 2. The Apple iPad had the date 27 on the calendar app and was released on 27 Januray 2010. The iOS 4.3 which is believed to power iPad 2 shows 9 on the calender app which suggest that iPad 2 may be launched on February 9th.

iPad 2


TUAW has warned us not the believe this rumor. According to them, the same 9 can be found on the calendar app of original iPads running the latest iOS firmware.

A Springboard preview image in the latest iOS 4.3 beta shows the Calendar app with a big number 9 front-and-center. Remembering that the original iPad showed a 27, and that it was released on the 27th, some wondered if that 9 was a bit of foreshadowing.

If so, we missed the hint long ago, because the same 9 can be found on original iPads running the latest iOS. To see it, tap Settings, then Brightness & Wallpaper. Two wallpaper thumbnails appear, one of which shows the Calendar icon with a big ‘ol 9. In other words, it’s nothing new.

If an iPad is released announced* on February 9 (where did the February come from, by the way?), that icon will have had nothing to do with it.

No one really knows when the iPad 2 will be announced. Please share your views by commenting on the topic.