Your iPad could get stuck or frozen during the boot, while running apps etc. If your iPad is stuck or frozen and is unresponsive, then don’t panic.
Stop worrying and try the methods given below. You could try restarting, reseting, restoring etc if your iPad is stuck. Read the detailed instructions below.

Return to Home Screen

If the iPad became stuck or frozen in between using an app, then try to close the app normally. If that doesn’t help, then do the following.

1. Hold the Sleep/Wake button till you see the red slider.

2. Now hold the Home button for six seconds.

Now you’ll be directed to the Home screen. If that didn’t solve the problem, then try the below ones.

Restart the iPad

You could try restarting your iPad to solve the stuck problem. Read the guide given below to do it.

How to Restart iPad

Reset the iPad

If you are unable to get the problem solved after doing the above methods, then try reseting the iPad.

How to Reset iPad

Restore iPad

Yet your problem is not solved? The here is the final method to try to get the stuck problem solved. Try restoring the iPad from the backup in iTunes.

How to Restore iPad