USBFever has developed a sim card adapter which allows you to install upto 3 Sim Cards on the iPhone 4 but only on factory unlockediPhone 4 Tri Sim Card Case! or user unlocked iPhones.With this TRISIM Card Adaptor, you are no longer to hassle with your network problems when you are travelling from one country to another. This cool adapter case allows you to switch between three Sim Cards of your choice without turning off your iPhone and turning it back on again! With the help of a chip, three SIM card of different carriers can easily be slipped inside this Tri-SIM Card Adaptor. Please note that this adapter does not support Tri-Standby or Dual-Standby Mode and they can only be used one at time! Check out the feature below.

iPhone 4 Tri Sim Card Case

– One iPhone (4G) with THREE SIM Cards
– No need to cut your SIM CARD
– STK Menu
– Comes with Crystal case to protect the Tri-sim card and your iPhone 4

Colors Available:
– Black
– Clear

This accessory is compatible with:
– iPhone 4G (Firmware 4.0.0)
– iPhone 4G (Firmware 4.0.1)
– iPhone 4G (Firmware 4.0.2)

How to Set up TRI SIM inside your iPhone 4

Go to Home -> settings -> Phone -> SIM Applications and select the desired Sim Card (If you don’t want it to select the SIM card low signal, then don’t select auto/SW)

Note once you’ve chosen to another sim card, it will have a message “No SIM Card installed“, please wait 1 or 2 minutes, it needs aound 1 ~ 2 minutes to search, during this time, “No SIM” will appear in the top right of your iphone’s screen.

TRI-SIM Card for iPhone 4G with BLACK Back Cover is available here for a price of US$ 39.99.