iPhone 4G Release Date

Apple haven’t unveiled the release date for the new iPhone 4G, also being called iPhone HD. But the chances tells that the iPhone 4G release date is to be on between June and July of this year. Though many rumors and news about the iPhone 4G release date are flowing around, here is a strong cause to believe that Apple is going to bring out the iPhone 4G between this period.

iPhone 4G Release Date

About one and a half months ago, the Wall Street Journal brought out a news that the new generation iPhone is going to be released on June 22. Some days after that, another confirmation came out that Apple has booked the Yerba Buena Center for some programme on June 22. Apple usually book the Yerba Buena Center for some big announcement. The iPhone 3GS and the new iPad were officially launched at the same place. Apple also said that there will be a Worldwide Developers Conference to be started on the 7th and ended on the 11th of June. So there is a big chance that Apple is going to reveal the new iPhone 4G on the month of June this year in San Fransisco.

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After the new generation iPhone was leaked through the hands of gizmodo, Apple is not willing much to give news about the iPhone 4G. According to the reports, the world could get its hands on the new device on the month of June this year and it is going to be called as iPhone 4G or HD.

The iPhone 4G have many noticeable features like folders in apps, multitasking, HD video recording, HD audio and HD video, new background options etc.

As the HTC Evo 4G is also going to be released during this period, there will be tough competition between both of them. Get the details of HTC Evo 4G release date and price from here.

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