Many images of  iPhone 5 cases have surfaced up till now but we are sure that you never have seen any of them by yourself. Now iPhone 5 cases have been displayed in many of the At&t stores around and if you have a plan to purchase iPhone 5, then it’s a good time to check out the brand new case variety.

Apple has confirmed that the company will announce iPhone 5 on 4th of October and we have strong feelings that it will be available publicly on 10th of October. If this speculation is correct, then it’s just a  matter of some days to have this super phone in our hands. Check out the images of iPhone 5 cases in At&t stores below.

iPhone 5 Cases

iPhone 5 Cases

Many previously released rumors about the iPhone 5 cases have been confirmed because each time any case appeared, analysts always remained confused whether the case belonged to iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S. Now there is not a single % of confusion this time because it is written ‘ iPhone 5 ‘ very clearly on the case cover.

These images also proves many rumors about the similar design of iPhone 5 with iPhone 4 bogus. These images are almost same like those.

Hurry up and get your favorite iPhone 5 case before anybody else buys it. We will keep our blog up-to-date  with all the latest news about iPhone 5. So stay tuned with Tips Needed.

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