iPhone 5 launch is just a few days away and its rumor mill is still churning out so many rumors on a daily basis. Usage of 4G technology in iPhone 5 was on the hit list of rumors from a long time but today China Unicom sources confirms it by updating some info about iPhone 5 that it will be having HSPA+ technology. It means that iPhone 5 owners will be able to enjoy up to 21 MBps of data.

iPhone 5 likely to have HSPA+ '4G' Technology

The upcoming boom of 4G technology has convinced so many carriers to improve their infrastructure to support 4G technology. We are pretty sure that once the unlocking of iPhone 5 tool will be available, so many carriers will be ready to support the 4G technology.

It would be a big challenge for Apple because the company can’t take the risk of offering just 4G technology because currently there are carriers in US offering 4G  but not a single career in UK is offering 4G. It will put a very big hurdle in a way for people who want to use iPhone 5 in other countries where companies don’t support 4G technology.

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