Audiophiles currently have the ability to get a large variety of high-end gear, but connecting components to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch leaves users listed to the digital to analog converter, built into the iOS device. High Resolution Technologies (HRT), has recently introduced the iStreamer, that dramatically increases the higher quality DAC. Users simply attach iStreamer to iOS device via USB and connect other end to a preamps or other gear via RCA.


iStreamer, supports 16-bit samples at a data rates of up to 48k, effectively matching CD quality. But it does no support 24-bit samples that supports data rates of up to 96k content. It is just a limitation of Apple’s hardware rather than HRT’s DAC support.

For a price a $200, the iStreamer actually seems a high end DAC when compared to other products available in the market.  Although Apple has already started shipping its new portable devices with improved DACs than most of the other portable devices manufacturer but there, still there is a room for improvement.