Yesterday, Apple released the a newer version of iTunes, 10.0.1, to fix some bugs and also introduced the Ping Sidebar withiTunes 10.0.1 safe jailbreak it. But questions came up from jailbreakers whether it is safe to jailbreak iPhone/ iPod Touch or iPad with it. The main doubt was if it will throw up some error while restoring to the jailbroken custom firmware.

Anyway, now we have come to the conclusion that it won’t cause any problems while jailbreaking your device. iPhone Dev Team’s MuscleNerd has confirmed through his tweet that iTunes 10.0.1 is safe for jailbreaking. His tweet’s screenshot is given below.

itunes 10.0.1 safe jailbreak

Meanwhile the news of the GreenPois0n jailbreak is floating around the web. Last day we reported that it will be coming before the arrival of iOS 4.2 in November. See the report here. Stay tuned for more updates!