Apple have released the iTunes 10 which has brought along with a new special feature called Ping. This iTunes PingiTunes Ping Feature by Apple feature is Apple’s very own social media network for music. Steve Jobs, at yesterday’s Apple Event, described this Ping feature in iTunes as “ It’s a social network all about music. It’s like Twitter and Facebook meet iTunes “.

Like in Twitter, you could follow and get followed using Ping Feature in iTunes. You could follow artists or your friends and know what they are listening to, downloading or talking about with the new iTunes Ping feature. You could check out whom your friends are following and who are all following your friends. You could post and share your comments, videos, songs etc in Ping. You could be private or public in iTunes Ping as you wish to.

iTunes Ping Feature by Apple

Another interesting thing is that you could access the iTunes Ping network on your iPhone or your iPod Touch. You could access iTunes Ping feature on your iPhone or iPod Touch through iTunes app.

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