The jailbreaking phenomena is mostly known for Apple’s devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod touch but it is also possible to jailbreak Apple TV 2G. As we know, the jailbroken devices provides lots of options to optimize, customize, add, remove programs and doing the same thing for Apple TV will also add interesting features to it. Seas0nPass is a tool that can be used to jailbreak Apple TV and recently it has been updated to support iOS 4.3.


Jailbreak Apple TV 2G Untethered on iOS 4.3 Build 8F455

The most important feature of iOS 4.3 is support for Apple’s iCloud service that provides the option to watch previously rented movie through iTunes on Apple TV, this option was previously not available as at that time only content rented via Apple TV set-top box were playable but after the release of iCloud service, the barrier was removed.

Jailbreaking an Apple TV is same as that of jailbreaking iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. To start with this process first create a customized IPSW file using Seas0nPass, then set Apple TV into DFU mode by holding both the Menu and Down button for 5-10 seconds and then finally install the customized firmware onto it using iTunes; and also to use Seas0nPass, you need to have iTunes 10.4 installed.

Download Seas0nPass for:

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