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    • can i jailbreak my iphone 3G using this process even if i hav never done it before and have already updated to ios 4.1 . Please guide me on this because i really want to jailbreak but at the same i dont want to brick my iphone. I also read some article which said that this process works only if the iphone 3G has already been jailbroken once before.

    • i have already done this all but my iphone will not jailbreak it always stop on wating for reboot then my iphone 3g turns off please someone help me out.

    • Yeah, I have the same problem as Alex. My phone doesn’t want to automatically restart after the jailbreak. Then when I reboot it myself, my phone turns on but not jailbroken.

    • At step 4: the downloaded firmware file doesn’t have the ipsw file in it??? Also in step 4, it is pointing to the 3GS instruction. I am stuck :(

    • It works with iphone 3g previously jailbroken, baseband 05.14.02.
      phone app, cydia, appsync works great.

    • If I follow this will I be able to unlock ??

    • i have an iphone 3g 0n 4.1 and followed all the steps and its working 100%.

    • excited about to jailbreak my iPhone just waiting on the cube thing

    • Works perfect! thank you very very much!…u are THE BEST!

    • How long does it take to complete the actual install? I’m trying to do it now, but its taking quite a long time. The progress bar has not moved from the 1st block, and the program is not frozen. I don’t want to kill it if I just need to wait longer. Any ideas?

    • ive tried jailbreaking my 3g on many different sites/programs. this was the only one to work and it took no longer than 3 minutes! thanks!

    • Hy,I have a problem,i have iPhone 3G version 4.1(8B117),&Firmware 05.14.02.I do all the step…ok…butwhen i put the SIm “Searching…”.I use a Orange provider,& i’m from Romania,can anybody help me?pls:((

    • btw

      when i use redsnow 0.9.6 beta im stuck at uploading ramdisk

      i use redsnow 0.9.5b-5 no problem jailbreaking
      BUT phone icon is gone
      cydia icon turns white
      cannot turn off iphone


    • do we have to get the beta?

    • I try jailbreak with snowbreeze 2.1, but my iphone freezing on start up, them i try with this tip and it’s works!


    • turn off the auto key lock. Thats da sollution

    • I used this to jail break my 3G running IOS 4.1 and it worked perfectly.

      BUT, I tried to use this to jailbreak my wife’s 3GS running IOS 4.1 and it gets stuck at uploading ramdisc. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in but that doesn’t work either. I’ve tried opening iTunes which discovers the phone but gives me an error message. Then redsnow seems to continue installing, but the phone is not jailbroken when it restarts. Any ideas?

      I am have tried using 2 different laptops. One running XP and the other running Windows 7. Same problem w/ both

    • after 7-8 trials at last it’s working

    • @Nick
      Google another jailbreak

      Does anyone know if a Mac iPhone can be jailbroken on a window computer?

    • 3GS cannot be jailbroken with redsn0w. Use greenpois0n or limera1n…

    • i tried jail breaking mi iphone 3G with redsn0w Sn0wbreez and blackra1n it starts to work but after it gets to the end it just says error

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