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    • Hi I have an 3GS new bootrom I accidently updated to 4.1 firmware, baseband 05.14.02 and it doesn’t work for me. I get 1600 error. What should I do? please help me

    • I have a new iPhone 3GS 4.1 new bootroom and when I try to jailbreak on the iTunes I get error 1604! Helpp

    • dude i keep getting error 1604 and 1602 , i am using 3gs …… how to resolve this error

    • Hi,

      How come my will have error code 1604. please help.

      Thanks a lot.

    • I have updated my 3gs to 4.1 and now stuck. Will this snowbreeze solve my issue? If someone have tried this PLZ let me know,Thank you,

    • Hi guys,

      I still get the same problem than everybody here… everything that I tried by itunes (downgrade or Jailbreak) from the 4.1 firmware to any firmware. Same problem : error 1604.
      My iphone 3gs is never jailbreak before… and I used Itunes 10.

      I tried couple of software…nothing work !!!
      I’m a bit confused about it and will really appreciate any help especially cause I need to unlock it and don’t get any phone since.

      Cheers and thx to the dev !!

    • I am getting 1600 error on Windows, when I used the IPSW on Mac OS I get 1604… have 3GS 4.1 no previous jailbreak. Had such high hopes :(

    • I used f0recast to get my Baseband and it’s 05.14.02, I also had upgraded to 4.1 and never jailbreaked this 3GS before. I recently jailbroke an Iphone 3G, that worked so well I want to jailbreak mine as well. What does 1600 or 1604 mean? F0recast said that my phone should be jailbreakable, but it’s just not working, why do we need to use iTunes to restore, obviously Apple has built in errors for this reason. Would be cool if we could restore with a jailbreaker software instead.

    • i think you have to be on 3.1.3 firmware to do this but it upgrdes to 4.1 with a jailbreak. u cant aready be on 4.1 not 100% though

    • Hi, I have 3GS new bootrom which previously jailbroken 3.1.2 using blackra1n. I recently restore to 4.0.1 hoping to use jailbreakme 2.0 to jailbreak but can’t activate the phone. It’s in recovery mode now. Could I use the Sn0wbreeze 2.0.1 and cooked iOS 4.1 to redo the whole thing and reactivate my iphone? It had been like a brick for over a week now.
      Can someone please provide some hints? Thank you.

    • you need your 3gs to be on 3.1.2 while creating your custom ios 4.1

    • Same here: 3GS on 4.1 and error 1604 …

    • Same here 1604.. don’t think this works

    • error 1604or1600 3gs newboot

    • I tried this last night and then again today with luck, iTunes gave me error (I forget which one exactly). I think the problem is when Sn0wbreeze gave me the prompt to click on ” Yes ” for“ Do you want to activate your iPhone? ” I clicked yes even though my carrier is AT&T, I probably should have clicked ‘no’. I’ve had my phone jailbroken before with just recently with 4.0.1 on jailbreakme and before that on 3.0.2 or so through Redsn0w (that a friend of mine did) and I have the latest iTunes running on Windows Vista. Anyone have any ideas?

    • is everyone having the error 16xx have basebands with 5.14? maybe that could be the reason. anyone tried the above unlock with baseband lower that 5.12?

      as far as i know, aside from the OS 4.1, you need to check your baseband that is not above 5.12. coz its also a factor in unlocking.

      im also doing research if my unit with 4.1 and 5.14 baseband can be opened. hopefully the new release would include the 5.14 basebands.

    • Hi, I have iphone 3gs(new bootrom, MC model) 3.1.2 jailbroken with blackra1n n unlocked. I didnt save shsh blobs then. But due to some problem, i restored to 4.0.2 Now there s no jailbreak for this FW. Then i downgraed to 4.0 without requirement of shsh blobs. But still there s no windows jailbreak for this FW as im not having shsh blobs saved. But now i saved shsh blobs for 4.0.2 and 4.0…. Now what can I do to jailbreak my iphone? I dont hav carrier sim, no shsh blobs for 3.1.2, Can i upgrade to 4.1 and jailbreak it? If any problem jailbreaking 4.1, is there any possibility to downgrade to 4.0.2 or 4.0 as I saved SHSH blobs for them? Plz any one guide or suggest me

    • If you get an error message like 1015 0r 1004 (durring restore), you just need to kick the device out of recovery and you can use: Tinyumbrella or iReb for this.


    • I cant go beyond error 1604 too =(((

      Im on 3gs 4.1 never done a jailbreak before.

    • i have a 3Gs 4.1 new bootrom never been jailbroken/pwned. from what i have read we are SOL. you have to have shsh it before and if youre like me, you bought it from an att user and didnt know anything about shsh and tiny umbrella. we may never be able to jailbreak/unlock from what i read. apple now signs its firmware thats why you get the 1604 error. im probably going to try and get a 3G or iphone 4 instead. too much work and too much waiting.

    • if you would read the instructions it clearly states that you need to have jailbroken your phone before thats why you all get 16** error codes you have to wait till the dev team relese greenpois0n if you have never previously jailbroken your phone before as your base band has been updated and up to now there is no jailbrake that will unlock the newer base band untill greenpoisi0n is relesed

    • i have a 3g jailbroken on ios 4 i still get an error 1600 and sometimes error 1604…before the error windows tells me that i should connect the iphone to a hi speed usb port. It does this on every pc or laptop i use and i dont use a usb hub

    • hey dude my firmware is 05.14.02, my one is 3gs and using 4.1, can i use the method above???

    • Hi,

      I have an (I think) early version of the 3GS right before the change (non-tethered boot). I have been running 3.1.2 using blackra1n and ultrasn0w I believe. I did the jailbreak back in February. I remember after I did it the first time I got my phone in this stupid cycle of reset and restart.. Just shows apple logo then after some time powers off. iTunes allows me to try to restore it but if I try to use blackra1n and my old 3.1.2 it says it can’t connect to apple servers.. I have the SHSL things too. Anyways if I try to use the New sn0wbreeze 2.02 I get the 1600 error. What gives? Any recommendations on what I do now to get my phone back working?

    • BTW. I wasn’t trying to upgrade the phone. I stupidly hit reset network settings and it put me in this loop. This happened to me the first time I jailbroke and i got the phone out of the loop by restoring.

    • Hey got it out of the loop finally and was able to restore to 3.1.2, confirm I have the old bootloader 359.3 and I jailbroke it with blackrain and redsnow. Tried this again and still get the 1600 error on all my machines (W7, Vista, and XP)

    • For anyone with a 16XX error, watcht this video and due as it says.
      Worked for me!

      4.1 jailbreak with Cydia

    • Look, i have an iPhone 3gs new bootrom on 3.1.2 and i want to jailbreak it to 4.1. Can i do this safely? I don’t have the sim card from the official supported carrier. thank’s.

    • Hi,
      I have Iphone 3gs 16gb v3.1.3 with jailbreak . but ? use in turkey. I wanna upgrade to 4.1. is there a problem about this upgrade?

    • Do Not, update to 4.1 with 3Gs new! bootrom. Sn0wbreeze works only with iPhones <=3Gs old bootrom. See for supported iOSs on ih8sn0w(dot)com. All how already did it, you should wait for GreenPois0n to jailbreak it…

      3G users Do Not! update to iOS 4.1 if you have locked phone, ultrasn0w does not work on 3G+iOS4.1, may it will not ever

    • Hi i have an iphone 3gs and i accidently updated to 4.1 firmware and the iphone has never been jailbroken can i jail break it still?

    • I need to know how to jailbreak my iphone 3gs what should i do?????? I mistakenly download 4.1 on my iphone…I try to downgrade it but it didn’t work…I need to know what to do

    • my new 3gs is currently run 4.1 never jailbroken before.
      some one plz help me how to jailbreak it?

    • greenpois0n released. works great!!!! 3Gs MC model never been jailbroken/unlocked. unlock gonna take a while. i’ve heard end of november.

    • ok, i hope this is not a stupid question but if i use this method with a jailbroken and unlocked iphone 3gs is it going to be locked again?

    • I cannot browse my IOS 4.1 ISPW file? I dont have it when i download it. only .dmg files?

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