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    • its a great guide, but I am having problems restoring the “cooked” file, it keeps coming up with either a 1600 or 1602 error, no matter if I am in DFU mode or recovery mode when trying to restore the file.

      It unpacks the file, but when it is supposed to prepare the iPhone for restoring, the error comes after a while!

      Using Mac, but I have also tried restoring the file on a pc!

      Any tricks out there?

    • im havin tha same problem as Martin but im having a 1604 nd or 1603 but it does not matter what i try do im using mac powerpc powerbook g4 tiger idk if that has to do with anything plz I need help

    • Hey,

      I downloaded pwnage tool but I can’t seem to figure out how to launch it, there is no executable file inside.

      Please help asap

    • Same exact problem as Martin. Always get the 1604 error when attempting to restore. Any thoughts/tips?

    • I get the same message as Todd on three different machines. I have tried on two different iBook G4s running 10.4.11. One iBook has 512MB RAM and 2GB of available disk space and the other with 1.5GB RAM and 1.7GB of available disk space. I have tried on a Windows XP machine with 512MB RAM and 30GB of disk space. All three machines report a 1604 error. I have followed all the recommendations in Apple KB Article TS1275, with no success. I have even tried 3 different iPhone cables, same results. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • Ditto Todd and Charlie. Persistent 1604 error.

    • guys, maybe you are on the new bootroom???

    • how do you launch the tool, i cant find an executable file

    • I’m also getting the 1604 error. When starting up the software it was unable to automatically find the firmware bundle so I switched into expert mode and manually selected it. Did that happen to anybody else?

    • Sane as James Brandon, i downloaded PwnageTool and it came with the pwnage file and the _MACOSX file, but for both, there is no app to run at all. :S

    • Same problem as Martin.

      Hopefully someone will find a solution soon.

    • Dude-ers……… PWNAGE is a Mac app, it is not for PC running Windows OS.

    • That’s because all of you have the new bootroom.

    • Keep getting the 1604 error as well. I tried running and restoring on my other old mac g4 and same problem persist. Hope jailbreak master something for the 4.02

    • Yea i would try to downgrade there have been a few methods used.. I down graded my 3GS without shsh files from cydia but this seems to be for 3gs only.. it worked perfected tho i downgraded a 3gs from the box from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1

    • Zac, How did you downgrade your 3gs from 4.02 to 4.01? I’ve tried everything I can find on google and it appears only if you have your files stored on cydia will actually allow you to downgrade.

    • i think the downgrade is the best way
      i had the 4.0.2 firmware and i donwngrade it to 4.0
      and it works fine

    • Zac pls can u link guide how to downgrade 3gs from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 without shsh files? ty

    • How can you tell if you have the old bootroom?

    • plzzz i 2 need help cud u plz guide me 2 plzzzz………………………………………. thank u…………….

    • Dont worry about errors like those you’ve experienced. The firmware ARE installed succesfully but iTunes need to verify the firmware after install. Download regboot and find a guide to kick the iPhone out of its state. This works if done right. I did it myself.

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