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    • does this work on iphone 3g aswel ?




    • I just tried this on my 3GS, everything went fine until I got the error message ‘1604’ from itunes. What does this mean?! What have I done wrong?! I’ve rebooted the iphone through TinyUmbrella, but it’s not jailbroken :(

    • erreur 1604. need help

    • I also get stuck like Cath and it never goes into the progress bar on the phone. Then after the iTunes error message, I restart the phone out of recovery mode and it’s back to how I left it.

    • Hi, I get error 1600 after trying the restore. Assuming this is because I have the updated baseband? ANyone know?

    • the same shit, error 1604 :/ anyone know how to fix it??

    • Same, 1604 error. Device can not connect back to itunes. I left this on anouther post but is hasn’t been published. This was the same issue for 4.0.2

    • You’re all still fine. When you get the error click ok and use the tiny umbrella software to kick your iphone out of recovery mode. Voilà ! All set. If you’ve ever had to downgrade your iPhone it’s the same process.

    • How do i get this thing to run on windows?

    • dosent work, same error as everyone else..

    • Hi,
      can anyone guide me how I can jailbreak Iphone 3g on os version 4.1?

    • I followed the directions using a 3gs and nothing helped…it looks like its locked there is no cydia icon. Can someone help

    • Hey, how do I know if the jailbreak worked?

    • Same 1604 problem, kicked out of boot mode using umbrella…..and still no cydia on my iphone 3gs. Anyone out there have a solution?

    • You guys need to install Spirit2Pwn if you have used JBme or Spirit and are on the Old bootrom. When done, put your phone in RESTORE mode (not DFU). Then upgrade

    • serves you all right i hope your phones are broken teach you all a lesson to leave things as they are!!!

      i hope that there is no solution to error 1604 online….

    • @brando, me too :(

    • I also got the 1604, error tried to launch the umbrella app but it would not even launch for me…. is there anything else that can be done?

    • Now its forcing me to restore on itunes… wants me to do that… ? Can I do that and try again or no, not a good idea…?

    • my 3gs (old bootrom) going to 4.1 firmware , is lock now ! can i use this program to unlock it and jailbreak?

    • hey Ashley download tinyumbrella nd kick out of recovery mode

    • Hi, i got an error 1604 too, kick off the recovery mode but couldn’t find any Cydia.. please help…..

      U are greater than Google if you can help me to solve this, cheers!

    • The program fails at step 6, does anyone else have this problem? I get the message “sry, I haz Fail” with a big red X. Also, when I launch the program I’m told that I don’t have itunes 8.0 … I’m running 10.0. Any one know what might be going on? Thanks

    • Same as Popeye. Got 1604 and got it out of recovery mode but no Cydia app. Can that be installed Separately? Thanks.

    • does this work for only mac?

    • When you have an error msg after all installation, such as 16xx or 17xx. You can use RecBoot to get out of Recovery Mode. Just google. RecBoot

      Recboot is available for both mac and pc.


    • tiny umbrella wont even launch for me? is there any other software to get out of recovery?

    • Same problem here…
      error 1604. use Tiny Umbrella to kick it out of recovery…
      no indication anything has changed on my phone-
      no Cydia…

      No jailbreak :(

    • I need help for jailbreak my iPhone , I try everything and nothing works.
      I’m runing on windows 7 64bit and I can’t jailbreak the iPhone.

      Help me

    • My iPhone 3GS is runing on iOS 4.1

    • Same error 1604, tried multiple times with no luck. Kicked out of recovery mode with no cydia as well. Anyone have a solution to 1604, I’ve searched everywhere with no luck.

    • Anybody has a solution for 1604 on iphone 3gs???

    • when is exactly black rain (geohot) will make jailbreak for ios 4.1……..luv geohot ….geo hot second to none

    • all you have the 1604 problem and the NEW BOTROOM, you need to use iBooty.

    • … Same as everyone else. Got the 1604 error, kicked out of recovery with TinyUmbrella but no sign of Cydia :( It seems everyone is having the same problem. Would greatly appreciate this issue being addressed. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

    • has anyone done this successfully, or does everyone get error 1604?
      i’ve tried it many times and get error 1604 every time :(

    • Don’t get the error message, but my iphone is stuck on the apple logo after restoring. Please advise.

    • Help me plzzz!!! I was using iPhone 3GS (It was already unlocked). I did the IOS updation and now it got locked again. Its 3GS , 4.1 firmware .. anyone can help me here? do u know anyone who can help me? !! Cheers

    • i downloaded the pwnagetool but i can’t find the executable file to launch. What am i Missing?

    • @rick same here how am I supposed to run it

    • guys do u advise me to install it or what ? i think every has this 1604 problem and ts getting worse so should i install it ?

      thanks anyway

    • My iPhone 3Gs running iOS 4.1 (for Mac) has been jailbroken using limera1. After a crash i was unable to restart. Tried to restore with iTune with no joy. Error 1600 or Apple logo forever. Tried to change USB port, cable etc. Restarted and nothing. Created a new user, no solution. Another computer, the same.

      The solution that worked for me was to reboot to Windows7 in Boot Camp, downloaded iTune and restored. It worked smoothly. Back to Mac enviroment, restored again and reload my backup.

    • I got my phone stuck on recovery mode after trying to jailbreak with limera1n. My power button doesnt work, so i couldnt finish the jailbreak. I tried irecovery and tinyumbrella to get it unstuck, but it doesnt work. i got this error log from itunes when trying to restore. any ideas? please help.

      2010-11-18 11:10:22.673 [5400:e80]: restore library built Aug 6 2010 at 11:14:46
      2010-11-18 11:10:22.673 [5400:e80]: iTunes: iTunes
      2010-11-18 11:10:22.673 [5400:e80]: iTunes: Software payload version: 8B117 (option key)
      2010-11-18 11:11:04.546 [5400:444]: iTunes: Specifying UOI boot image
      2010-11-18 11:11:04.546 [5400:444]: requested restore behavior: Erase
      2010-11-18 11:11:04.562 [5400:444]: amai: AMAuthInstallPlatformCreateDataFromFileURL: can’t resolve file
      2010-11-18 11:11:04.609 [5400:444]: amai: AMAuthInstallDebugWriteObject: debug object written: C:\DOCUME~1\pjlu\LOCALS~1\Temp\PerBD.tmp\amai\debug\tss-request.plist
      2010-11-18 11:11:09.357 [5400:444]: amai: AMAuthInstallRequestSendSync: received tss response (server version: 0.6.30-b2)
      2010-11-18 11:11:09.357 [5400:444]: amai: AMAuthInstallDebugWriteObject: debug object written: C:\DOCUME~1\pjlu\LOCALS~1\Temp\PerBD.tmp\amai\debug\tss-response.plist
      2010-11-18 11:11:09.357 [5400:444]: amai: AMAuthInstallApCopyPersonalizedImg3Data: response missing entry “RestoreLogo”
      2010-11-18 11:11:09.357 [5400:444]: amai: _AMAuthInstallBundleInstallPersonalizedEntry: failed to personalize img3 object: Entry not found
      2010-11-18 11:11:09.357 [5400:444]: amai: _AMAuthInstallBundlePopulatePersonalizedBundle: failed to install “RestoreLogo” in personalized bundle: Entry not found
      2010-11-18 11:11:09.357 [5400:444]: amai: AMAuthInstallBundlePersonalizePartial: failed to personalize bundle
      2010-11-18 11:11:09.357 [5400:444]: failed to personalize the restore bundle: Entry not found
      2010-11-18 11:11:09.357 [5400:444]: AMRAuthInstallDeletePersonalizedBundle
      2010-11-18 11:11:09.622 [5400:444]: removed personalized bundle
      2010-11-18 11:11:09.622 [5400:444]: AMRecoveryModeDeviceCopyAuthInstallPreflightOptions: failed to personalize bundle
      2010-11-18 11:11:09.653 [5400:e80]: iTunes: Restore error 3002

    • Can anybody tell me how to unlock 3gs i follow the guild but still cannot. Help me to unlock iphone 3gs

    • i got 1603 error i can not unlock my i phone 3gs pls help me…..

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