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    • mine get stuck on reboot any1 got the same problem?

    • how do i jailbreak my ipod touch 2g iOS 4.1 MC model?

    • Looks promising. I will try now. *Downloads*

    • Ok, I got an error to when it goes to the downloading screen and the program stops working. =/

    • gets stuck in recovery mode after its finnished.Anyone got the answer?Thanks

    • Yeah i’ve got the same problem on vista. i’ve tried loading up Redsn0w in windows xp as admin and still the same problem.

    • stuck at reboot, help plz

    • Hei, Author… You Sure this works on Windows OS?
      coz Redsnow 0.9.6 is known to have issues when used on Windows.

    • ya i got the same problem how long should it be at waiting for reboot?

    • yes same problem here, i have the iPod Touch 2G (MC model), i get stuck at “waiting for reboot”

    • oh i just read
      “NOTE : Non MC Models only.”

      when are u guys going release a jailbreak for the MC model?

    • tried and didn’t work. process finished but don’t see any cydia icon on my itouch

    • I can’t fnd the firmware. I went to where I saved it, but it didn’t come up. What did I do wrong?

    • What’s wrong with the MC model?

    • Yeah, something’s wrong with the reboot.

    • My Ipod touch 2G MC model on 4.1 firmware. I try to jailbreak with ( greenpois0n, limera1n & redsn0w ) non of them work at all.
      1. Greenpois0n try to jailbreak when it starts with DFU mode nothing go through, just said try try try again and again.

      2. Limera1n after jailbreak nothing happen ( No Cydia ).

      3. Redsn0w when it got to almost the end like having blank screen only on my ipod touch 2g ( waiting for reboot ) nothing happen.

    • hey can someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE, when i download the frimware the is required by redsnow, i cannot find the ipsw file, just frimware folder9nothing in there except for im3 files) anditunes perferances the dont work, i downloaded this again from other sites and the same thing happens, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??? I AM PEFECTLY FINE IF I DID SOMETHING STUPID, I KNNOW I AM =)

    • it works people, i just did it.

    • I get stuck on preforming initial exploit

    • i got study during the rebooting stage.
      this is what it says:

      Please wait while your device is being processed.

      Waiting for reboot …..

      … and nothing happened after …..

    • Made it work

      took a few goes ran redsnow and greenpoison together
      now have it jailbroken

    • God bless Redsn0w :)

      After a lot of messing around (thinking i’d bought a secondhand 3G and it turned out to be 2G)

      Redsn0w seemed to do the trick.

      For those Windows 7 peeps out there, you can find the apple downloaded firmware file at:

      C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates

      I ran it in XP SP3 compatability mode and it’s all good.

    • hi it stuck on waiting for reboot , i have ipod 2g MC model …if anyone knows the solution please send me an email :

    • mines stuck on reboot :(
      waiting……(20 mins later) still waiting
      how long do i have to wait?

    • this works, as long as it’s not MC model. mines MB, and it worked out great! i love this, iused all redsnow, and they work great if you read the instrutions. P.S., it’ll usally say whether it works or not on MC models.

    • “NOTE : Non MC Models only.” It says that at the beginning!

    • Bob Wegotababyitsaboy

      How long do you have to wait for it to reboot? Are we talking hours or just a couple of minutes?

    • i can’t find the ipsw file in the 4.1 map that i downloaded

    • mine is not turing on, is it on reboot and how long will it take???

    • Ok the guys who say it works… which version of windows are you guys using? …is the itunes running while you perform the jailbreak process?

    • OK : Answers to my own post earlier :

      I was successful doing jailbreak of IpodTouch 2G finally. The Windows version did matter in my case. While trying to do it on Vista it did not work. I tried on Windows XP, it works. I did install the latest version of itunes on the PC where I tried jailbreaking successfully (I am not sure if it mattered).

      Next for guys who had questions about rebooting at the final stage, it takes about couple minutes and you will not see blank screen but “Jailbreaking process going on” written with an image of a harddisk or something on you iPod Touch screen.

      Good Luck guys !!!

    • Well i have tried this over and over…..

      I have a question…… Are you supposed to restore on ITUNES afterwards.

      Plz EMAIL me if u no the answer…


      didn’t have any problems.. just finished xD

    • PS: worked with vista and itunes 10.1

    • works perfectly.
      i spend a few days trying everything else out and its a first one which 100% works.
      key point is setup XPSP3 compatibility in Windows 7.

    • Is it tethered?????

    • i failed on the first try, it stopped when “waiting for reboot”. then i tried it again, and it worked! my itouch is 2nd gen, MB model not MC, and i use windows xp

    • first try didnt work for me, running windows 7 x64, pressed power and home for about 8 seconds for it to reboot then ran redsn0w with run as administrator and it worked fine

    • where is the link to download!

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