Is the Limesn0w unlock by Geohot coming up for iOS 4.1? There are some signs of it as a new domain name has been registeredLimesn0w Unlock for iOS 4.1 for Limesn0w. Another fact is that this site has the same WHOIS registration info with which we can say that it is registered by George Hotz himself. Sometimes we could get an unlock for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS on the basebands 05.14.02 and 2.10.04 through Limesn0w.

Limesn0w Unlock

Many videos and pictures of the Limesn0w unlock are wandering around the web, but Geohot has confirmed that these aren’t real. This is what he told in the new site.

This will never be real. Media, understand it. ~geohot

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