HTML5 audio player is a player that plays .MP3 and .OGG format files right inside your browser. While, this player doesn’t feature all those features a desktop media players have, but it gives a very nice demonstration what a web application can do with technology like HTML5.


Listen to Music Library Inside Your Browser


To get started, run any HTML5 compatible browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and then just head over to this page, and browse audio files to load them to music library. The app will then build an index of all your files and lets you start listening right from the browser.

This app offers tools like filter library text, which can be used to search audio files, and it also has volume control, play/pause, shuffle, forward and rewind buttons.

Well, this app also has one of the important features that it will run the app right from your hard drive in an offline mode and will work only with HTML5 compatible browser.