According to an unofficial source, Apple has started selling bootable Mac OS X Lion USB drives to users who are in need of it through AppleCare. These thumb drives will allow users to install Max OS X 10.7 Lion on their computer without carrying out the painful task of setting up a bootable USB yourself.

Although we know that Snow Leopard OS was not distributed using a USB drive by Apple, if what we heard is true, the installation process using USB thumb drive will become easier and will complete in just matter of minutes.

Mac OS X Lion Bootable USB Drive Available At AppleCare

To install Snow Leopard OS using USB thumb drive user need to download a 4GB of executable file but doing this on a slow internet connection will be a tedious task. But yet, for now Apple is offering this thumb drive for free to those users who are facing enough trouble in installing Mac OS X and even those users who are not having any trouble of using Mac OS X but want a bootable drive then they can do so by paying a steep price of $69.

So, if you are adventurous, excited and ready to explore these new development, then go ahead buy one or download a copy and perform the installation process using a USB thumb drive and share your experience with us!

via 9to5mac