Are you a FarmVille addict? If you are one, you might be wondering why FarmVille is becoming slow each time you reach a next level. The problem isn’t your computer’s. Even if you have a high speed net, farmville will take a considerable time to load! Lets see how we can solve this problem:

Make FarmVille Load Faster

Why does  FarmVille become slow eventually?

The reason why FarmVille is slow because it has tons of files to load before you can enter your farm! As you advance levels, the more animals you will buy. FarmVille animals are script programs that run through java script. If you have a large number of animals in your farm, the java script applications can make your browser stuck and make every thing slow!

How to Make FarmVille Load Faster

You will have to sacrifice some of your animals (If you have many) if you have to enjoy a smooth online gaming experience! You can do that by left clicking the animal and by selecting sell from the drop down menu. If you really don’t want to sell your cows and chickens, you can hide them in dairy farms and chicken coops respectively.

If you come across another way of making FarmVille load faster, please leave it as a comment!