Microsoft has released a new Web development workbench called WebMatrix, which integrates with other open source Web development and management tools, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke and Umbraco. The most important feature of WebMatrix is that, it houses Web server, database and programming framework in one organized space. To work on WebMatrix, user at least needs to know the basic programming of HTML, XML, CSS, ASP.Net, JavaScript.

Microsoft Releases WebMatrix

It also includes small-embedded database that includes SQL Server Compact, which is located at the same place as the user’s Website code and content is located. Hence, making it simple yet very easier for beginner to work with WebMatrix. WebMatrix also supports multiple programming syntaxes, such as ASP.NET, PHP.

WebMatrix also offers tips for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that lets user to build Search engine friendly websites, Web Server management and publishing via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), FTPS (File Transfer Protocol Secured) and WebDeploy.

Once user is ready with their designed website, then they can host their website via their chosen hosting provider or one available through WebMatrix. WebMatrix offers around 30 hosting partners spans over 18 different countries.

WebMatrix is available for free download and supports nine different languages.