At Mobile World Congress, Microsoft spoked out about the new update of WP 7 OS update on Nokia’s handset starting from March 2011 onwards. Microsoft also revealed that they are going to bring down a series of update that will give a tough competition to its rivals.MWC: Microsoft's Windows Summary

The new update that are going to be made available are:-

  • Copy and Paste functionality i.e. to be made available from the first major update
  • Twitter integration directly into the People Hub
  • Support for Office documents like word, powerpoint, excel
  • Enhanced Web browsing experience on Internet Explorer
  • Multitasking applications

This update features are mainly targeted to a mass volume of Nokia’s WP7 handsets. Microsoft also said that they are going to bring Navteq, in collaboration with Nokia, Navteq is a sourced map application designed for Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft’s Bing search engine.