The next edition of iPhone i.e. iPhone 5 might disappoint you, as we came to know that probably it will not come up with NFC chips. The Near Field Communication chips allow user to make payment by using their mobile phones. As, this announcement was already made by Apple during several meetings, where it denied the use of NFC chips in iPhone 5. The NFC technology is lesser known by people but removal of this type of features will mostly affect the user experience.


NFC for iPhone 5 Denied


This technology works far better than standard Bluetooth option as it provides easier connection with the devices and provides more reliability while using in crowded areas.

The NFC works as an alternate for credit/ debit cards while making any kind of payment and also it provides mobile ticketing functionality. Apple has decided to make this service available on iTunes.

Apple’s counterpart Google has already released its Android powered device, Nexus S (last year) which has NFC chip enabled. So now Apple has to think before making this kind of announcement into action whether to remove NFC from iPhone 5 or not.